Cow Print Makeup Bag Set Cosmetic Bag 3 Pieces Small Makeup Bags

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Note:The cosmetic bag may have some insmell, please put it in a ventilated place fora period of time before use. Wrinkles can form when packed,and it can besmoothed by an electric iron. If you don't like this product or the product hasquality problems, you can contact us through the background, and theafter-sales service will definitely make you satisfied.


PolymorphousStrong availabilityfeasibility makeup bagscan be used as travel cosmetic bag set, toiletry bag, wash bag, storage bag ,oreven a pencil bag for teens girls and women. It convenient to put away and getyour health & personal care, such as soap, cosmetics, shampoo, or stashphone, sunglasses, keys. Suitable size to put into purse, school bags, backpackbags, or suitcase. Makeup bags set also can keep eyeshadow, lip gloss, lipstickand brushes.


Threeunlike sizes and styles: Cosmetic bags set for girls or for women includedifferent shapes and dimension, enough to Meet a variety of needs, nice to putaway all beauty products. Makeup tools stored nattily. Cosmetic bag set includeluggable cosmetic bag for purse, toiletries for travel pouch bags and big bagorganizer. There is enough capacity for long or short trip. It can also makecosmetics neat storage, save space and Rapid packaging.


Premiummaterial and elegant design: Makeup bags set composed of high quality exquisitewaterproof pu leather. When you carry this travel toiletry bag, don't worryabout leaks. Reliable metal double zipper can make the makeup bag set easy toopen. Interior space allows makeup pouch brush to avoid dust and separatelystore. Makeup bags for women with cow animal milk mini cute style


Advantagesof the product: Well-wrapped, compact, sturdy, portable, lightweight and so on.Advantages make the luxury cosmetic bag set a great gift for friends relativesgirls and women, suitable for all kinds of festivals. Such as New Year’s Daygift, Groundhog Day gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Saint Patrick’s Day gift,Mother’s Day gift, Halloween gift, All Saints Day gift, Thanksgiving Day gift,Christmas gift.